surround yourself with young creatives at least once a week

One of the most primitive human needs is the need to belong. Dan and I just moved to New Zealand and as cool as an adventure as it has been, it’s been pretty dang lonely for me.

The best thing we’ve done around social connections is going along to a weekly meet up of young creatives & business people. I was buzzing after the first meet up. As a hugely creative person it’s vital to me to connect with people over art, writing, ideas, business etc. In particular, young people.


Here’s some of the things we milk from these weekly meetups:


NETWORKING – It’s nuts how many young people are into what you’re into/doing the same craft as you or complimentary crafts. I don’t know where they all hide. But this group means that we get to meet like minded people and get involved in their projects and have conversations of potential collaborations. It rules.

COMPETITION (HEALTHY) – I don’t know about you but put me in a room of young creatives doing really cool things with their time and I get really competitive & motivated. A part of it is social proof. A part of it is being surrounded by such motivated energy.

MOTIVATION – Accountability. When you meet up with a group of people weekly and tell them you’re an artist & writing a book. You have to go home and back yourself up with work & creation.


PERSPECTIVE – We chat about a table topic every week.

BELONGING – Belonging to a group of people is so primitive and fulfilling. Without a friend group in the same country as me I’m pretty secluded. This group has connected me to young creatives in the city I live in, which I love.

FEEDBACK – It’s a wicked space to tell people your ideas and projects and get new spins on what could work cooler etc.


The people you spend time with each week are whose thoughts are influencing you the most, second to your own. These outside thoughts occupy space in your mind. Make sure these are the kind of thoughts you want to be focused on.

So surround yourself with young creatives at least once a week. If these people aren’t available to you IRL or frequently enough then dig for them online. Read books. Surround yourself with youtubers or bloggers.

Prils X.



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