Sonja Tennberg on starting a nutrition & lifestyle blog

This is SONJA. A swedish aussie located in west Aus and the founder of, a collection of health recipes & lifestyle blogs. Oh and the owner of Meeko!

Where did the idea of starting a blog come from?

I have always loved living a healthy lifestyle. Once I realized that this lifestyle

was a passion, I began expressing it through social media and people started to

connect really well with it and wanted to know more. While I was travelling, I

started seeing people doing what I wanted to do, blogging, vlogging, travelling,

etc. I always thought to myself, “I can do that, I can do that even better.”


Q & A:

How long did it take you to start the blog after having the idea?

It took a few months. Firstly it took time to actually realize that YES, I can do that.

Secondly, it took time to gain the confidence to fully expose this passion of mine

to the world (through social media). Plus, if I was going to do it, I wanted it to be

perfect. I decided to just start slowly, to just begin giving people an idea and

insight into my passion.

Where did you get the confidence to start/what motivated you?

By talking, meeting and connecting with other people who were doing what I

wanted to do, and knowing that I could do it. Knowing that I could do it even

better in my own way. 

Did you set up the blog yourself? How did you learn to do so?

Yes. I spoke to people I met travelling who had their own blogs. I asked them

what platform would be best to use for a blog. From this information, it just took

practice and time to learn how to create, customize and update the blog.

How did you fund the startup of your idea? Or were there no costs?

There are no major costs as of yet. The only spending would be on some of the

more expensive ingredients I use when creating recipes. However, I am lucky

enough to have a family business that can buy products at wholesale prices,

making it more affordable as a university student.

Where do you get all of your knowledge on health and well being?

Predominantly through personal experience, and trial and error. Growing up in a

healthy household, my mother always informed me about the importance of

nutrition. It was trial and error of different fitness regimes until finding

something that worked for me. Which is always still an ongoing process! Only

now I have been wanting to know more, in depth research about health and

fitness. I hope to do more online courses on it after finishing my Business degree.

Did you go to university/do you have a degree related to/not related to

your craft?

Yes. I am nearly finished my Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and

Management. This degree is massively related to helping my future goal of

having my own business.

What are your morning rituals?

My favourite time of the day to exercise is the morning. That is when I have the

most energy. So whenever my morning allows it, I exercise.

I ALWAYS start the day with a cup of warm water with lemon. Followed by

exercise, stretching and breakfast.

What’s the best habit you’ve picked up?

Listening to my body better. Giving it what it is asking for, be it – sleep,

relaxation, food or just being kinder to myself.

Another awesome habit I posses is exercise. Since I have been active my whole

life and health conscious, daily exercise has just become a habit to me, it is a part

of my every day routine.

What fears come up for you around your craft (posting blogs etc.)?

I know that with more exposure comes the possibility of negative comments and

harmful words. I worry that I may not be able to handle it. However I am

becoming mentally stronger and more self-aware everyday, so I hope that I will

be ready for when that time comes.

How do you unwind?

The beach. When I feel like my mind is getting too crowded and busy with

thoughts, stress and pressure, seeing big open spaces instantly clears my mind.

Did anyone tell you that it was a bad idea/try talk you out of it?

I have had people in the past who saw my healthy lifestyle as dumb, unnecessary and an inconvenience. 

What’s your vision for the blog in the future?

I hope to keep getting more and more feedback from followers. As it becomes

more exposed, I want my blog to be very interactive. Followers ask for specific

advice, and I provide. I want to continue recipes, but also incorporate lifestyle,

fitness and personal parts of my life. I am also in the process of creating YouTube

videos. So I hope to gain more attention through that platform as well.

Do you ever cave and eat bad food?

Yes. But, my “junk food” might be different to most people’s junk food. For example, when I crave

pizza I don’t go out for the fast food option, I actually don’t even like fast food. Instead, I make my

own homemade vegetarian pizza with gluten free bread. The healthier option. That goes for all of

my “bad foods”. I cave in and have chocolate all the time. But I go for raw vegan chocolate brands

like Loving Earth or Pana Chocolate. That’s when I don’t have my own homemade vegan, healthy

chocolate hiding in the freezer for whenever cravings strike. So yes I definitely treat myself, a lot.

But I go for the healthy options of “junk foods” because I actually prefer them, and I don’t feel

guilty after.

Have any more questions or want to stay tuned?

instagram: @sonjatennberg


Dan & Prils


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