monthly brew of things #1

monthly(ish) blog post on what i’m obsessed with, binge-listening to, over consuming; articles & artists i’ve spied, ideas i’m brewing, emotions i’m feeling. all the things. i hope it connects you to something cool. mwa.



@imakestagram aka artist, designer & photographer from brisbane, aus – rachel burke. i stumbled first across @apomogy which is her latest project “a communal art project encouraging people to anonymously apologise through the use of a pom pom.” they’re brilliant. i’ve splurged an embarrassing/impressive amount of time reading each one on the gram. i’m hooked.

there are not many things that i appreciate as much as the witty combination of sadness and humour.

Untitled design.jpg

She also scribbles & bedazzles mundane things.


check it out:




@eatthismyfriend. blog & instagram by jade o’donahoo who after selling her cafe switch board, started the project of writing & illustrating her own cookbook. i’m so appreciating this mix of design & food. it’s a dreamboat of a cookbook. the blog is just as appealing to the eyeballs.


Untitled design.png



thelma plum. in particular: breathe in breathe out. warning: it’s a tear jerker. but oh so good. thelma plum’s lovely aussie voice gives me a little slice of home while i’m in spain and bathing in homesickness.



Untitled design (1).jpg

sex and the city. my best gal pal recommended i watch this show for yonks and i was all like “nah i don’t think i’d like it, it’s too girly.” One season in and i’m emotionally attached and crying over carrie and big. not going to lie, i’m probs going to watch an ep or 7 after i finish writing this post.

that’s it for now pals,




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