Youth Culture & The Naked Project.

We’re all about getting  N A K E D  on topics that are not in the current education system.


We’ve started a project to make videos, posts and programs to connect young people to naked knowledge.We want to  M O T I V A T E  and  I N S P I R E  and give you the foundation to craft the life you vision.

The gist of it is that everyone finishes school and is super overwhelmed by the lack of knowledge they have on what the hell to do and how to do so many things. We’ve both struggled through this and let’s be real, we’re still working on it.

This channel is to gather knowledge on real life topics like procrastination, eating well, habits, brain science and more and give you two different perspectives. We will be doing a lot of research on topics to give you unfiltered, raw and honest knowledge through our own experiences.

Stay tuned.


Dan & Prils